How to use our banners:

1. save the image

2. modify it, you can add your name, your photo, and other. (using photoshop or Paint)

3. add it to your blog! that was easy huh? :)


now we will 'teach' you how to make our design be your background.

let's start from... the easy one. Twitter.

1. log in to twitter (make sure you've save/download the background design!)

2. open your twitter 'settings' (beside the home, profile, and find people)

3. click the 'design' tab

4. click the 'change background image'

5. find the file where you save the background design.

6. click 'save changes'

7. and TADA! you have it:)

second, (actually the how-to 's just like the same like twitter)

1. log in to your (make sure you've save/download the background design!)

2. open your formspring 'settings' (beside the home, inbox, profile, and find people)

3. open the 'design' tab

4. then click 'browse' and find the background design picture.

5. click the 'save' button.

6. TADA! you have it :)

third, blogger background.

1.copy the picture's direct link

2. Log in to your blog.

3.Next go to ‚design, page elements.

4. add new gadget: html/javascript.

5. paste the background's direct link replacing the red texts on the html code.


<style type="text/css">
body {background-image: url("directlink"); background-position:center;
background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }

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